The Doncaster Altar © Archaeological Services WYAS 2010. Produced by Paul Gwilliam

–  There is very little physical evidence for any religious practice in Roman South Yorkshire

–  There is surprisingly little burial evidence to be found at either the Doncaster fort or Templeborough fort

–  There is zero explicit evidence for the presence of Christianity in Roman South Yorkshire

–  The only significant evidence for religious change is found in the main settlements

–  Key pieces of evidence in South Yorkshire include: the Doncaster Altar (to the Mother Goddesses), and the Bawtry Shrine (indicating paganism into the third and fourth centuries)

– Key pieces of evidence in wider areas than South Yorkshire include: the Greetland Altar (demonstrating the potential fusion between Roman and Brigantian deities), the head of Constantine the Great in York (an example of Emperor worship), contemporary evidence stating the presence of Christianity in both Lincoln and York, and cemeteries in York suggesting the continuation of grave goods in general graves as well as in a seemingly Christian burial