Useful Websites

Archaeology Data Service, – Particularly useful to search the English Heritage monuments record and gain short and simple summaries of most sites. Best used with a specific interest. Better to use after some practice.

Archaeology Research Services, – Provides information and guides on especially recent and current archeological projects that may be of interest, and therefore would be as an up-to-date source as can be.

Archaeological Services WYAS – Not to be confused with the West Yorkshire HER, ASWYAS offer a large array of archeological solutions and are worth contacting on relevant projects, publications, or advice, as well as having been a great help to the construction of this website.

Heritage Gateway, – Excellent in-depth search, utilising multiple records, with detailed information on each heritage site, including information from past investigations, but can be difficult to shift through without more specific interests.

Hunter Society, – the society, which enjoyed  its centenary in 2012, regularly organises lectures, excursions, and publishes papers on archeology for the region of South Yorkshire. It would be useful to inquire into their involvement with Roman history, or take part in their archaeological workshops or visits.

I Dig Sheffield, – closely linked to Western Park Museum, it is easy to work with good sources for the Peaks and Sheffield area specifically, the main examples of the Roman period being querns from Wharncliffe, with more sites from later historical periods. Its own bibliography has more references on beehive querns.

Portable Antiquities Scheme, – database for finds by members of the public across all Britain, good for finding examples of small pieces such as coins, brooches, or beads and capable of a refined search. However when found in isolation, they are less indicative of associating a location to a particular historical period, compared to a finding a hoard or major archeological site.