Where to visit

The South Yorkshire Archeology Service Sites and Monuments Record (SMR) https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/planning-and-city-development/urban-design–conservation/archaeology/smr – An excellent way to conduct your research will be to consult the South Yorkshire Historic Environment Record (HER), which is a public service run by Sheffield City Council, providing access to a variety of resources including archives, database searches and digital mapping. You will need to make an appointment.

Museums – Here are links to three of the main Museums in South Yorkshire which contain Roman artifacts in clear displays, and can allow you to get up-close to handle them directly when accompanied by a Curator. Click on the images to be linked to the Museum website


Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery, Doncaster – With more Roman items than any other Museum in South Yorkshire, and holding some significant pieces including the Doncaster Altar, Pollington Coffin, and remains of the Doncaster Shield, it also has a large collection of Roman pottery production in the Doncaster area, including that of Sarrius


Weston Park Museum, Sheffield – Contains a number of Roman items in its ‘Sheffield Life and Times’ and some more significant items in its ‘History Lab’ including religious idols, glass, and a copy of the Diploma found at Stannington



Clifford Park Museum

Clifton Park Museum, Rotherham – The main focus of the Roman history section is on Templeborough fort and the artifacts found there, including some of the building materials, items from everyday life of a Roman, and the three Templeborough Tombstones



Heritage Sites – If unsatisfied with seeing Roman South Yorkshire from behind a glass window, then personally visiting a heritage site, to stand where they once stood, may be a more fulfilling and enlightening experience.

Sadly there are limits to the number of sites which have survived the march of progress. Most of South Yorkshire’s ancient site-remains only exist underground, whilst others such as the site of Templeborough Fort have been built over, in Templeborough’s case by modern steelworks. The impact of commercial archeology (excavations before commercial development), which currently funds the vast majority of new archeological projects, can be a mixed blessing.

However, there are still at least some sites of Roman South Yorkshire which are both protected and visible. Some good examples are:

A remnant of the Doncaster fort wall which can be found behind St. George’s Church in the centre of Doncaster. The Iron Age Wincobank hill fort, as well as the Roman Ridge defenses, which are easily accessible as part of a common walking route in Sheffield. The Wharncliffe Crags can be visited to see a key area of South Yorkshire stone quarrying and quern stone production.